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Zenfone 9 - problem with camera focus

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Did anyone encounter this problem? My phone can only focus to really short range. Long distance the picture becomes blurry.

Should I send it to repair? Or could factory reset solve this?

Thanks for the help


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There have been multiple reports of this. Try the usual things of restarting the phone first.

Also, when going to the 'pro' photo mode, you can manually focus. See what the entire range there does for you.

Just to check if it's a problem with 'where to focus' or a problem 'getting the focus there'.

If manually focussing also doesn't give you better range, the focusing inside the camera module is stuck / broken and asking for a repair is the only way I'm afraid.

If your phone is under warranty (I guess they all are since the phone doesn't exist for two years yet) this should be no problem. My RMA / repair experience has been pretty smooth. But you do have to do without the phone for a few weeks.

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I have the same problem with my Zenfone 9, it began not long ago when the phone did some sort of update/big fix, then I did notice that the main camera autofocus wasn't functioning anymore, and it doesn't matter how many other camera apps I have tried to install/utilize, it will not focus if pointed at anything further away than the dining table when sitting at the table, and it's REALLY annoying, especially because it seems that ASUS' company doesn't give a **bleep** about providing customer support to people who have bought the phones, computers is apparently sometimes different 🙈

And I think Asus might have know about the various issues in the camera system for a very long time, and not only for the ZenFone 9, but apparently also the Zenfone 10, because it seems as they have "banned" or perhaps threatened companies such as DXOMARK who test camerasystems in smartphones, cameras etc, because even though they have been asked about test results from the Zenfone 9 and 10, they have not done any tests and if people write and ask about it on the DXOMARK foras, they won't even answer.

So I think it is proof of Asus knowing that there are bugs in the hardware/software that a company who does tests on the systems would reveal.

I don't know where you get those ideas from.

There might be a design flaw. Or a component may fail at some point. Nothing is foolproof. 

But I used the 'contact Asus support' and I got a response within two days saying "try a factory reset to be sure, but if that doesn't help you can make an RMA request". 

So something broke , I have to package it in something, I get a DHL RMA label so that the package is picked up at my home. And two weeks later I get my phone back, repaired.

Where is this idea coming from that they don't offer customer support ??

You might have been lucky to get a response from them, because there are quite a lot of people experiencing issues with the camera system, as well as having battery drainage happening after the various "updates/ bug fixes" and a lot of people have been trying to reach out to Asus about the issues, and have just been ignored, and not gotten any sort of answers whatsoever... I have also tried to contact Asus multiple times without any luck 👎