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Any battery life improvements?

Are there going to be any battery life improvements?For now the battery life is very disappointing. I want to believe it's a software issue, but damn. I really like everything about this phone except it's power consumption. Before buying I kinda hope...

Speakerphone issue

Hi,When I'm on speakerphone or connected to my car via bluetooth the person I'm calling can hear themselves through the phone. Really loudly, so much so that sometimes they can't hear me speak.When on speakerphone it helps putting the phone on a soft...

Improvements on Always On Panel

Can you please add the possibility to select which app notifications will be shown in the AOP?Can you please show the calendar event of the day in the AOP?A wider selection of clocks would be appreciated.Thanks anyway, love the smartphone!

Terrible battery life

Hello, firstly I'm very happy with the new ZenFone 8 in general except for 2 major issues. First is that there's no WiFi calling, this I've mentioned on another post, please sort this asap for UK EE. The second however is that from 90% to 5% battery ...

face unlock

I know that face unlock isn't considered as a safe security feature to rely on in compare to a fingerprint sensor. But I am wondering how the phone can detect my face covered in face mask ( and I have a large one!) and unlock the phone? Is this norma...

Issues with video effects in Google Duo / Zenfone 8

Does anyone else have issues with the video effects/filters in Google Duo?Latest version of Zenfone 8 software, latest Google Duo version: Most of the video filters (bunny ears etc) are broken, effects show up partially or just flickering.Works well ...

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