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Quick settings panel - Security issue

I noticed security issue with quick settings panel.You shouldn't be able to turn on airplane mode without bypassing lock screen!If you lose phone someone can simply disconnect the device and you would not be able to wipe or locate it with Google serv...

pio_zen by Rising Star II
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Zenfone 8 - green tint, possible custom hue?

Hello,will you please add a possibility to customize hue (tint) in the custom display settings? If yes, when? If not, why? (:I'm asking, because I have tried several Zenfone 8 phones and some displays had bad viewing angles (strong purple "waves") or...

kudlosh by Star II
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Can I get a refund?

Had the phone around 2 months, and it's already been sent off for repair because of the ramdump issue. Since coming back from repair, the proximity sensor isn't working. As much as I love the phone, I really don't fancy sending it off for repair agai...

Lammy by Star III
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Proximity sensor doesn't seem to be working.

I hardly ever use my phone for actual calls, but the other day I had to make a call, and noticed the screen didn't go off when put near my ear. I didn't think much of it, but I decided to look into it. I've downloaded tests and used the one on the ph...

Lammy by Star III
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FP sensor - what is the rule for displaying

It seems that FP indicator should appear white in light environment and grey in dark. But it is completely random.Can someone from Asus explain what is the rule? And why it doesn't work?PS. FP sensor still sucks and it looks like hardware issue. I ha...

pio_zen by Rising Star II
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Contacts - no photos/avatars

Hi, I wonder if it's just me that the contact list is displayed without photo thumbnails? I can't find any settings to change it.

Battery management

Do you solve somebody energy consumption during the night?at 20:00 - 100% battery at 5:00 82-86% battery (depends on mode)I got advice full charge ZF8 and during a night use flight mode. 100% battery at the evening - 100% battery at the morning. OK, ...

Feature suggestion: Bluetooth quick connect/disconnect

Hi,I often switch bluetooth connection between my phone, my PC (wireless network card), and my work laptop.I don't use multi-point headphones/earphones so i need to disconnect and connect.On the zenfone 8, I need to go to Bluetooth / click the device...

Zenfone 8 Hard-Bricked after firmware update

Hey Asus (community)!This morning my unrooted Asus Zenfone 8 (8GB 128GB) black model bricked itself, two days after the last firmware update. I think this could be part of the reason, so I just want to send out a kind warning to anyone out there to w...

Fingerprint scanner - observation.

When I touch screen to wake just FP indicator icon it shows quickly. But.. when I touch exactly where it is located, the indicator is shown after about 3 seconds. Maybe random reliability of scanner is still some software issue, maybe related to pow...

pio_zen by Rising Star II
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