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Zenfone 8 Bricked (Ramdump)

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**Reposting to correct section.**
Hi all. I purchased my ZenFone 8 8GB/128GB from on the 15th of June 2021.
It was working great up until 17th of September 2021. I had locked the phone, put it in my desk and moments later the following screened appeared;


The device up to this point was running the latest Asus patch and was non rooted. I pressed every button combination with charger in and unplugged and was not able to get off that screen, it would black screen but come right back to the same screen as the picture.
I contacted Amazon as I had 2yr Product Support and while they offered to repair, I ended up getting a refund.

I am making this post to make Asus aware and any other ZenFone 8 holders.

I really loved this phone, there is no other competitor that can match the specs, compactness and the Zen UI of this device. It truly is a shame.



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@Gustav_ASUS Tagging you for visibility. Seems this issue is ramping up and is starting to get more predominant.

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It looks like this is normal "feature" of Zenfone 8. Should be advertised like: "Only Zenfone can do it!" 😛

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Well atleast you got a refund. Thats what i like about amazon. So easy to get a refund.