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Power modes - advanced

Could possibly someone from asus explain what exactly options in advanced power mode do? The video from asus does not explain anything. What is influence of that settings on system and hardware.I tried setting sliders to low setting and it seems to d...

pio_zen by Rising Star II
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Keep Media playback when switching camera to video

Is it possible to keep Media playback when switching camera to video?Sometimes I have music playing on my headphones and I want to record a short video, but it stops the audio playback as soon as I switch the camera to video mode. Is there a way to ...

cicagorio by Rising Star II
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Advanced battery mode - issue

Hello,I noticed that the performance sliders in Advanced battery mode are not working as expected while set to Low.In the other modes (Dynamic, Durable and Ultra durable) CPU clock speed on idle is 300 MHz for core 0 - 3 and 700 MHz for Core 4 - 7.In...

Low audio volume on 3,5mm jack

Hi there,Is it normal that audio on Zf8 while playing mp3 in some player is quite silent even on max volume setting? There is huge difference comparing to my old LG G7 even when I'm turinng off DAC on LG. Apparently there is some DAC on Zenfone? I ca...

Is this system navigation issue fixable?

Found a little issue with the gesture controls. If i tap an icon in Smart Launcher just after exiting an app the phone freaks out for a second before working normally. This only happens for about a second, I guess it thinks I want to open the task ma...

b0ttl3m4n by Rising Star I
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Sound when usining camera

I just used the wide lens to make a macro shot and I heard some noise from the camera. If i get close to the earpiece I can hear some noise, some little wiring and muffled noise. I'm really not an expert and I don't know if this is normal or not, may...

Gnubbo by Star III
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How to type blank character on phone

How can I type blank/invisible characters on my phone to send a blank message?Does anyone have an idea?---------------------------------------------------------------------Update:Just found the solution so, If someone also looking for such text; copy...

Bluetooth Volume Issue

Ever since the last update, when I'm connected to a Bluetooth device and play a song then turn off the screen, it lowers the volume around 5 levels. Then it's too quiet so I have to turn up the volume again. As soon as I turn off the screen, it lower...

Youtube commands not disappearing and torch quick access

I have a weird behaviour with youtube because in landscape mode the commands are not disappearing automatically. They stay on for all video, until I pinch out to max.I didn't find a way to make a gesture or activate the power button to activate the t...

Gnubbo by Star III
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