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Speakerphone issue

Rising Star II
I have problem with loud speaker (speakerphone) in general and when phone connected to BT in my car.
People always listen to their voices and also sometimes with some doubling effect (echo), interference and etc. Problem doesn't exist when call is going through upper speaker (placed to my ear), but once call switched to loud speaker (both I guess) or in car connected via bluetooth - call comes to a mess for my companion on opposite side of the line. I hear no interferences on my side, but everyone who calls me say that when i switch call to loud speakers - it's pain in ... to talk with me.

I found similar topic:
But for me it's not fixed. 😞
I can upload recorded phone calls on companions phones or catch and send you logs. Problem is really annoying for me because I very often drive my car and use BT connection or loud speakers when in traffic jam.

I am on .115 update.

@Irene2_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

Zen Master I
Hi @dron39,
We are taking a look into this.

Star II
I can confirm I have the same issue.

Rising Star II
Hi, problem is still present on SW At least on loud speaker. Person on another side of the line listen himself much more than me. I sent to @Irene2_ASUS two log files.
@Gustav_ASUS Maybe I should sent updated logs (taken on ?
Or call record taken from phone on another end of the line?

Community Legend III
@dron39 We'll let you know if logs from 112.22 are needed. Thanks for helping out. 🙂