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Questions about Zenfone 9

Star I

I want this cellphone, however additionally i want a Iphone 13 mini, I truly respect compact telephones, i used to be the usage of a Samsung A52 and went lower back to Pixel 3, wich i love for being faster and the digicam is high-quality, but battery life sucks.

Despite Ios and Android variations, i am looking for Apple and trying IOS, My plan is to very own a compact cellphone for long time, but battery lifestyles is crucial, identical with the digicam

Someone who had those telephone or test Iphone and Zenfone, how they compared every other??. What approximately each day usage? Could you advise Iphone over Zenfone or not?? (maintaining apart software differences) What approximately battery lifestyles?Digicam?

I've seen video evaluation and that i realize you may use Google camera, the huge question is ...Zenfone nine has 0 sutter pace or it lags and takes a cut up 2d to surely take the photograph?? .


Rising Star II

I have the ZF9 and a bunch of other small(-ish) Android phones (3 Pixels, S23, Xiaomi 13 plus some weird small Japanese terminals like the Balmuda Phone, the Rakuten Hand, and my trusty old Sony XZ1 Compact); and I have used both the 12 mini and the 13 mini for a couple of months each.

iOS is quite poor compared to contemporary Android in many areas (file management, keyboard & language management, notification management, permissions management, home page and widgets, customizations etc.). But if you can live with iOS, the Minis are by the far the smallest, the most comfortable flagship phones to hold. They also take good pics (though Apple has gone rather far down the oversharpening alley, if you ask me). The only negative besides iOS is the battery, which is mediocre even on the 13 Mini compared to the likes of ZF9/10, S23 or Xiaomi 13. 

So the Zenfone 9 easily wins on battery and, especially, on Android. It also has other significant advantages over the 13 Mini (better display, USB-C, audio jack, typically a larger drive, fast fingerprint). Camera is worse than the 13 Mini's, but not by much; and I would argue it's a bit better if you use GCam, with its inherent limitations (I recommend Hasli 8.4 with the appropriate config file).

But keep in mind that the Apple is the significantly smaller phone. Indeed, it is currently unparallelled in size. So if this is a strong criterion (and you can live with iOS), go for the iPhone.