Strange mobile network problem during calls ZenFone 5z

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Since a couple of months I have a strange issue with mobile network connectivity during calls.

Very poor or no mobile network at all during calls. Contacted the carrier who talks about VoLte that needs to be activated. Can't be that because there was no problems a couple months ago. I finally received a sim card with only mobile network on which I inserted in SIM slot 2. In settings for mobile network I chose that SIM 2 should be used. Calls, sms only on SIM 1.

Mobile network still disappears during calls. I don't get it. What is wrong? Hardware problem? Or software? Even tried the setting with dual SIM cards and the VoLte option for SIM 2. No difference.



  • @piivikki

    Could you please tell me what is your firmware version?

    Your current firmware version: Settings>System>About Phone>Software information

    If you try to update to the latest version, does the issue still persist?

    Please also try to remove the SIM card and re-insert it, or install another carrier’s SIM card to confirm that the signal can be captured normally.

    Thank you.

  • Is this the latest? My phone says everything is up to date.

  • Nobody has a clue? 😥

  • It is hardware related issue. I just tap few seconds back side of mobile, or apply some pressure, whenever network goes off, network comes again. I do the same trick for slow charging issue too.

  • I think I should have network issues all the time if it was a hardware problem, not only during calls. It sounds like you have a different problem than me.

  • Yes, your device is up to date but did you try this?👇👇

    Please also try to remove the SIM card and re-insert it, or install another carrier’s SIM card to confirm that the signal can be captured normally.

    If not, than i request you to please try the above step mentioned in the quote and confirm weather other SIM shows same behaviour? that will help to confirm if its Carrier operator's fault or any other software/hardware issue.

    If behaviour remains still the same with other carrier operators than i recommend you to factory data reset your device and check again.but please dont forget to backup your important data before you factory data reset your device.

    Also if factory data reset didnt solve issue for you than please take your device to nearest service centre as early as possible for furthur hardware related examinations.


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    Yes, I've removed and re-inserted the SIM cards, several times. Even tried with another carriers SIM but that one unfortunately doesn't have VoLte service so it doesn't say that much though. Internet doesn't disappear during calls though.

    Each individual SIM slot has 4g+ network (with my carriers SIM) practically all the time except when it disappears during calls.

    I might factory reset my phone one of these days and see what happens...

  • Yes you can give a try with factory reset but also i would again suggest you before factory resetting ur device first you should try with another SIM which has Volte service enabled to check on that matter.


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