How do I copy, cut, delete or share multiple files in File Manager?

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Select the files first before you can copy, cut, delete or share them.

To do this:
  1. From the File Manager screen, tap imagethen tap the storage where you saved the files that you want to copy, cut, delete, or share.

  2. Tap to open the folder, then tap and hold one file to display the checkboxes.

  3. Tap the checkboxes beside the filenames to select the files.

  4. After selecting the files, do the following for the required action:
  • To copy the files, tap image then tap image.
  • To cut and move the files to another folder, tap image then open the folder and tap image.
  • To delete the files, tap image > Delete then tap OK.
  • To share the files, tap image > Share then select a sharing app from the list.
Note: File Manager only allows cut, copy, and delete for folders.
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