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Unable to unlock Bootloader on Zenfone 9 and Zenfone 10

Star III

 Because the bootloader could not be unlocked on Zenfone 9, I decided to write to Asus Support to be told when it would be possible to unlock the bootloader on Z9 and Z10. The response I received was that it would no longer be possible to unlock the boot on any of these phones. Upon receiving this news I decided not to buy the Z10. I think it is a big mistake that Asus has decided that the boot cannot be unlocked. I don't know if they will change their mind, but there will be many of us who decide NOT to buy it.



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I bought the Zenfone 9 because I was intending to unlock it. Now we can't and I'm right pissed!! I'm never buying another Asus phone again if they don't change their mind and I'm telling everyone else to avoid Asus. There are better companies like Nothing and OnePlus (which can be rooted), and Pixel phones among others that have more freedom for users. Since Asus already promises the fewest updates, they must allow bootloader unlocking.

Again, if Asus doesn't reverse course, I will also avoid buying any Asus PC components (GPU, mobo, cases, etc.), and laptops too. They have been dependable in the past but this cancelling of bootloader unlock and their recent problems with BIOS on their motherboards is really making me go to other companies like ASRock and MSI.

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For this same reason I will not buy the Asus Zenfone 10 either. It seems to me a bad decision from Asus.

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I've been waiting for a month since I bought the rog phone 7.

I'm tired of call drops and missing mms.
Why prevent bootloader unlock?
If volte does not work, please open it so that you can correct it yourself.

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i dont know who is right, the admin from forum or just some random customer services, i mean all of those customer services somehow cannot even solved minor problem, meanwhile on the other forum @Mansi_ASUS said the ubl will be available again, but yeah if the unlock tools wont released as their promised, just sell it and move to another brand, since mi13 or s23 kinda tempting right now

What is being said doesn't really matter. Actions speak louder than words and the action Asus took is making the unlock tool unusable for 1 month already without reason or any official statement. We can read between the lines, I think its safe to say they never intended to give it back. Hopefully if enough people complain.