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Reduced battery life after last update

Star I
Hi there
My ZF9 has had significantly reduced battery life since the last update. I used to get about a day and a half per charge and now I have to charge it in the evening. My usage hasn't changed, connections to wifi and Bluetooth remain the same.
How can I get the same battery life back?

Rising Star I
The exact same thing happened to me with WW-32.2050.2050.34

Star III
After the last update there is some problem with the location - the location icon is showing all the time. It is true that I did not notice a deterioration in the autonomy of the phone, but it may be a matter of different intensity of use of the phone and the choice of specific applications.

Star III
I have noticed the lower battery efficiency (as well as many other issues) already after update to WW-32.2050.2050.29.

Star I
I switched the battery system mode to Durable and it seems to have improved usage time but not anywhere near where it was before. Seems a shame considering battery life was one of the USPs for me.