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Several issues

Star II

I've been using this phone now roughly couple of months and noticed several issues that I cannot get solved. Maybe some of these can be solved just by changing settings..
Bluetooth connection to Polar activity tracker (A370) drops connection. Is this Bluetooth issue or some battery saving etc. issue I don't know. Very annoying that after several days you realize that synchronization has stopped. Two previous phones didn't have any such issues so this is Asus related issue.
Proximity sensor is not working well. Found a case already for this ( but no resolution. Very annoying when keeping phone on the ear using shoulder only. Then the distance at the lower part of the phone increases every now and then and the display turns on. Several times it has happened the my cheek has "pressed" buttons. Put the call on hold, end the call, pressed keypad numbers etc. And again, none of the previous (10+) phones have ever suffered from such issue.
Notifications are not repeating and snoozing cannot be made for e.g. 5min. This is partly an application issue (Outlook in my case) but partly Android issue. The snooze time could be made tunable parameter so that I don't have to use ADB to tune it (haven't had time so far to start playing with it).
There's another major issue related to notifications. Sometimes they are just missed - no sound, no vibration is coming. I've tested this several times but I cannot figure out 100% what is the cause. If ringing sound level is turned off then notifications doesn't arrive (always, usually, randomly - not sure). Why would turning sound off affect vibration and notification in general? This is maybe the most annoying issue because I cannot trust the phone. Missed several meeting starts because of this already. Have to change the phone to something else if this doesn't get fixed soon.

It's a real pity that such a nice phone (pretty much the only high performance compact phone in the market, Apple is not counted in my case) is suffering still from annoying SW issues. Please fix these issues asap.


Zen Master I
Hi @spammi2019,
Please can you confirm that you are running on the latest firmware version _30.12.112.22?
-Regarding Bluetooth, please try the following:
Settings> systems> reset options> reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth.
-About proximity sensor
Check settings in settings> advance> pocket mode, is it on or off?
You can also perform a sensor test. For that:
1.Go to Calculator and type in .12345+=
2.Do single test and perform the vibration tests and Proximity sensor test.
-In regards of snooze notifications, please check the following:
In clock app> 3 dot menu > settings > there you can check the Snooze length & Automatic snooze time.
Check your current apps settings in:
 Settings>Apps & notifications>See all>App info>APP>Notification
Also make sure if you have set up your system mode to ultradurable mode since this can prevent app notifications.
In Settings> system modes> ultra durable

Rising Star I
i have the same issues with the proximity sensor when calling. by mistake i already ended the phone call, got deep into whatsapp and other apps. once i even activated the cam during the call and i was wondering why the phone got hot.
can you tell me exactly where the proximity sensor is located?
but @spammi2019 is right, i never had this issue with any other touchscreen phone in the past 10 years so it's really annoying.

Rising Star I
oh and pocket mode is on even though it's not working well either. a few days ago after taking it out of my pocket i had to wait 30 seconds because of so my wrong unlocking attempts.
i also did both tests that you @Irene2_ASUS suggested. vibration and proximity sensor work fine.

Star II
First of all thanks for the response @Irene2_ASUS. Greatly appreciated - not all manufacturers provide responses.

Firmware version is that one (current latest).
Bluetooth itself is working fine. I have several BT devices that I use pretty much daily basis and they work fine:
When I use car the phone connects and disconnects to MPOW. Sometimes using other car and there it connects to car's BT system without issues.
Every now and then I'm using BT ear plugs (MPOW5) and they work quite OK except couple of strange things:
After pairing them the right hand plug was the one that performed the connection with phone so I was able to use only one for phone calls. Two for music.
Something happened and I had issues with connection thus had to re-pair them. After that it's the left plug that performs the connection thus I cannot use single plug anymore for phone calls. I can manually connect to right plug and then it works but on longer automatically. Annoying thing. Need to check that one day again.
The other thing is that sometimes (seldom) there are "cracks" in the sound. It's not fully correct term either but something like that. Connections stops for a while and then resumes with cracks in both occasions. Phone is at close proximity (at pocket). Didn't have anything like this with previous phone.
Occasionally I'm using Charge 2+ and no issues
Seldom connecting with OBD2 adapter and no issues
I'd say it's fair to say that BT itself works pretty well. Once I've had an issue where I had connection issues that got only fixed by rebooting phone.
I'm pretty sure that this sync issue is related to power saving or something similar. I've been using Dynamic mode but now changed to High performance to see if it has any impact. Started PolarFlow app again and noticed that last sync was sometime yesterday between afternoon and evening. Manually synced and BT connected fine, data was synced etc. Why the app had been stopped from running? This is major annoyance since app is needed to feed notifications to the wrist tracker. Not only annoyance but I cannot trust that notifications come through.

Made those tests regarding vibration and proximity. Both work. Fine? I cannot say but work. At least proximity sensor's usage has significant room for improvement to be able to use phone on ear and not cause accidental button presses.

I was probably not clear enough with the notification snoozing. When a notification comes it would be very nice to snooze it by 5min. Several people have requested this from MS for Outlook (calendar notifications) but MS has not responded anything. Alarm clock is one thing and it has it's own. If there would be generic, well functioning, snooze functionality for notifications it would be great. Android's default snooze is at the shortest 15min which is the default I am (as well as many others) are using as a default reminder (notification) before meeting starts. This can be modified via ADB but I'd prefer not do it that way. The best would be that Asus provides setting for this to adjust it according to user needs. The snooze implementation is also very tricky to use. Very easily (at least I am) one swipes the notification too much right and it vanishes away completely.

I really hope you can fix these issues quickly. I like the phone itself because of it's size, performance etc. but these issues are driving me to sell it and get something else - which will be physically bigger in size because of lack of alternatives in compact size.