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Several issues

Star II

I've been using this phone now roughly couple of months and noticed several issues that I cannot get solved. Maybe some of these can be solved just by changing settings..
Bluetooth connection to Polar activity tracker (A370) drops connection. Is this Bluetooth issue or some battery saving etc. issue I don't know. Very annoying that after several days you realize that synchronization has stopped. Two previous phones didn't have any such issues so this is Asus related issue.
Proximity sensor is not working well. Found a case already for this ( but no resolution. Very annoying when keeping phone on the ear using shoulder only. Then the distance at the lower part of the phone increases every now and then and the display turns on. Several times it has happened the my cheek has "pressed" buttons. Put the call on hold, end the call, pressed keypad numbers etc. And again, none of the previous (10+) phones have ever suffered from such issue.
Notifications are not repeating and snoozing cannot be made for e.g. 5min. This is partly an application issue (Outlook in my case) but partly Android issue. The snooze time could be made tunable parameter so that I don't have to use ADB to tune it (haven't had time so far to start playing with it).
There's another major issue related to notifications. Sometimes they are just missed - no sound, no vibration is coming. I've tested this several times but I cannot figure out 100% what is the cause. If ringing sound level is turned off then notifications doesn't arrive (always, usually, randomly - not sure). Why would turning sound off affect vibration and notification in general? This is maybe the most annoying issue because I cannot trust the phone. Missed several meeting starts because of this already. Have to change the phone to something else if this doesn't get fixed soon.

It's a real pity that such a nice phone (pretty much the only high performance compact phone in the market, Apple is not counted in my case) is suffering still from annoying SW issues. Please fix these issues asap.


Star II
Now situation is that none of the notifications are coming to the tracker anymore. Also, there's no support from Asus anymore apparently.
This is ridiculous! Have to find a phone that works.