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Sept 15th 2022 Android 12 Patch killed mobile data

Star III
I'd finally gotten Android 12 to the point where it was nearly stable and livable, and then the security patch yesterday completely hosed mobile data. WiFi still works. I've tried most of the tricks - restarting, resetting the network , resetting the entire phone, no joy. Anyone else fighting this? Any suggestions?

@ everyone sharing a log!
Please don't forget step #3  (*Quit and re-insert ATT SIM card, check if having network) since we need this info to show up on the logs. Thank you so much for all your help!

Star II
The APN setting above are also working for me now, for what it's worth. I'm not sure why they didn't work the first time when I was doing the logging, maybe I entered something wrong.
Thank you for the help, keren_ASUS!

Star III
@keren_ASUS SMS always worked fine for me, I just had no mobile data. Since I have things working by changing APN's will my log tell you anything? I'm on vanilla AT&T, not a reseller as in the instructions above. I can recreate the problem by switching to back to the ATT Nextgenphone APN, if that helps.

Hey Martin,
Can you help us out with a log? Even if the steps work or not, our team will need your log to investigate.
Enable Logtool
1.        Open calculator and input ".19595+="
2.        Tap "Generate" in  "Phone, mobile networks, signal and charge"type
Test steps
3.      Quit and re-insert Smarty SIM card, check if having network.
4.        Go Settings> Network & internet > Internet SIM1 (Smarty SIM) >check 5G Network option disabled.(image) , check if having network.
5.        Enable/disable airplane mode, check if having network. (If pas, skip step 6)
6.        Reboot, check if having network. (If pas, skip step 7)
7.        Add an APN setting, check if having network. (image)

Export Log
8.        Open calculator and input ".19595+="
9.        Tap "Exporting.." to export log file. It will take few minutes.
10.     Tap "Share" and select Google Dive to upload log file and share the link with me.
11.     Please also upload screen recording to Google drive and share the link with me.
Thank you so much!

Hey ataylor!
I will update you these upcoming days if we need your log. Thank you so much for all your help. We appreciate it.