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Sept 15th 2022 Android 12 Patch killed mobile data

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I'd finally gotten Android 12 to the point where it was nearly stable and livable, and then the security patch yesterday completely hosed mobile data. WiFi still works. I've tried most of the tricks - restarting, resetting the network , resetting the entire phone, no joy. Anyone else fighting this? Any suggestions?

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I can't post links yet, but here's the important part of the address on Google Drive.

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@keren_ASUS Still no mobile service, after test steps. Log here:
https://drive . google . com/file/d/11vp1sOEMawWSYyzNTkqNwOfcSy2UvqjP/view

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Hi @maelfactor 

I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, can you please share a log with the instructions above

  1. Enable log tool
  2. Go through the test steps (this is what we need to log)
  3. Export

Thank you so much for all your help!

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Sorry about that! Here's the new one that has gone through the steps.
With the obligatory https drive google com/ stuff.
I hope this helps!

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I may have found a solution for some of us.
I was bouncing around on reddit in the zenfone section, and came across someone commenting that the update had also caused their phone to stop working. What happened to them is that the update RESET THEIR APNs. Once they re-entered the correct APN, the phone worked again.
So I went and googled the ST APN settings for AT&T SIMs, plugged them into a new APN, and voila, my phone works again! I found an APN using the cingular settings, and plugged that in and it started working again right away. There is also a tfdata setting that I have not tried, but might do later. Since I can't paste links, google "straight talk at&t apn settings" and the first couple links all have different APN settings to try.
Hope this helps everyone else, and helps ASUS determine what caused the APNs to reset if that's in fact what the update did.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the log doesn't show when you re-insert the sim card. Can you please try and share again?
Enable Logtool
1.        Open calculator and input ".19595+="
2.        Tap "Generate" in  "Phone, mobile networks, signal and charge"type
Test steps
3.       *Quit and re-insert ATT SIM card, check if having network.*
4.        Go Settings> Network & internet > Internet SIM1 (ATT SIM) >check 5G Network option disabled.(image) , check if having network.
5.        Enable/disable airplane mode, check if having network. (If pas, skip step 6)
6.        Reboot, check if having network. (If pas, skip step 7)
7.        Add an APN setting, check if having network. (image)" type="default,mms,supl" mmsproxy="" mmsport="80"/>
Export Log
8.        Open calculator and input ".19595+="
9.        Tap "Exporting.." to export log file. It will take few minutes.
10.     Tap "Share" and select Google Dive to upload log file and share the link with me.
11.     Please also upload screen recording to Google drive and share the link with me.