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Sept 15th 2022 Android 12 Patch killed mobile data

Star III
I'd finally gotten Android 12 to the point where it was nearly stable and livable, and then the security patch yesterday completely hosed mobile data. WiFi still works. I've tried most of the tricks - restarting, resetting the network , resetting the entire phone, no joy. Anyone else fighting this? Any suggestions?

Rising Star II
Hi, keren_ASUS, I have since changed my device from the Zenfone 8 to a Zenfone 9......and after only a week I wish I hadn't 😭, random reboots, apps not loading data, very poor WiFi signal.

Star II
The APN settings you gave seem to work, but I also now have it working using the APN settings on Consumer Cellular's page, which are a bit different than what I used to have. I used the AT&T settings below.

APN Settings for AT&T Network
Name   ereseller
APN   ereseller
Proxy port   Blank or Not Set
Proxy push   Enabled or None
Authentication type   secure, none, or not set
MMSC     http : //
MMS Proxy
MMS Port   80
Authentication Type   None or Not Set
APN Type   default or
Continue if any of the following fields are present. Not all phones require the additional settings and the fields may not be on all phones. APN Protocol = IPv4. APN Roaming Protocol = IPv4. Bearer = Unspecified. MVNO/Mobile Virtual Network Operator type = GID. MVNO/Mobile Virtual Network Operator value = 2AC9.

APN Settings for T-Mobile Network
Name   CC
APN   wholesale
Proxy   none or not set
Port   none or not set
Server   none or not set
MMSC     http : //
MMS Proxy   none or not set
MMS Port   none or not set
MCC   310
MNC   260
Authentication Type   none or not set
APN Type   default,supl,mms or

Star III
Hi @keren_ASUS,
I was one of the people who had no cellular connection at all since the WW-31.1010.0411.122 update.
I went through the troubleshooting steps while recording a log. As it turned out, setting the APN per Consumer Cellular's instructions worked to restore cellular connectivity. So it seems like the update deleted my APN settings, I guess? Anyway, I uploaded the log:
https :// drive . google . com / file / d / 131usJwfOIN5yZ95QIF0h6JnrdGodpAxf / view
Thanks for your help!

Star I
Setting the APN settings restored my data and calling on Straight Talk (AT&T network). The reason why I hadn't tried that sooner is that you can only add or change APN settings on your primary SIM card, so if you have two SIM cards, make sure you switch the non-working one to primary before editing the APN settings.
Additionally, prior to February 2022, cell companies in the USA offered 3G, which didn't need correct APN settings for voice and simple texting (SMS). So it was easy to tell if APN settings were wrong vs. no service at all. But now everything goes through 4G/5G data, at least in the USA, so now if APN settings are wrong nothing works.

Hey @ataylor!
Can you let me know which APN setting you used to get your phone working again? Also, you said that you're on Vanilla, but can you provide a photo or product webpage specs of the SIM card?
Also, can provide a log with the following instructions? Thank you so much for the huge help!
Enable Logtool
1.        Open calculator and input ".19595+="
2.        Tap "Generate" in  "Phone, mobile networks, signal and charge"type
Test steps
3.      Quit and re-insert Smarty SIM card, check if having network.
4.        Go Settings> Network & internet > Internet SIM1 (Smarty SIM) >check 5G Network option disabled.(image) , check if having network.
5.        Enable/disable airplane mode, check if having network. (If pas, skip step 6)
6.        Reboot, check if having network. (If pas, skip step 7)
7.        Use the ATT Nextgenphone setting to reproduce no mobile data issue.
8. Add an APN setting which can solve the network problem
Export Log
8.        Open calculator and input ".19595+="
9.        Tap "Exporting.." to export log file. It will take few minutes.
10.     Tap "Share" and select Google Dive to upload log file and share the link with me.
11.     Please also upload screen recording to Google drive and share the link with me.