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Phone dials numbers when put down

I can put my phone down, after a phone call, and it just starts dialing a previous number, all on its own.I have to cancel the call quickly, its bizarre, and really annoying, and only seems to be after upgrading the to awful Android 12

the_G by Star III
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"This serial number already registered"

Hi guys,I bought a great Zenfone 8. The problem is I can't register it.When I try to register my phone, providing serial number I get "This serial number already registered".I bought my phone brand new. Could you help me register it?Thank you,Peter

PeterMB by Star III
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Problem after android 12 update

After updating my Zenfone 8 to android 12 about a month ago I couldn't start up my device as it appeared a message reading "Android 12 error. The system has failed to start." or something like that. Then it gave me two options: try again or factory r...

Zenfone 8 Proximity Sensor

Hi,My proximity sensor is non-functional.I have confirmed via the SMMI test that it doesn't react at all at any of the distances.I believe this has been the case since the latest update. Damn frustrating when the phone starts doing whatever as it tou...


Zenfone 8 WiFi won't activate since Android 12

As the title says.Since the Android 12 update (only this week for me) my brand new Zenfone 8 has stopped connecting to WiFi.When I try to turn the WiFi on, the UI responds but basically hangs. When I go back to which ever screen the WiFi is off.I can...

Concert recording

Why can't record with flagship (2021) with 3 mics in clubs etc without big noise. My last LG (2017) records with good quality (auto switch to concert mode in loud environment)...

MaecaCZ by Star I
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Bug Report: Unable to use Pro Video mode [Fixed]

Unable to use Pro Video mode on Asus 8z.No camera apps active in background. Only default camera app. Steps to recreate:Camera-->More-->Pro Video-->Mic Button-->Error Notice. Update: Restarting fixed it.


Do not disturb keeps turning on in pocket

I keep pulling my Zenfone 8 out of my pocket and finding it's in Do Not Disturb mode. I do have one scheduled instance set up for this, but that's overnight, and this keeps happening during the day. I can turn it off again with the pull-down notifica...


hello to every one,i have this seroius problem: the phone have a reset/shut down every time I connect headphones with a microphone and make a call.i had this problem in all the new software version, included the last one (android 12)is there any solu...