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Youtube stops sending data over BT once changing movie

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I have weird problem I have never faced in any of phones I owned before.
Once connected to my car (VW group from 2015) over Bluetooth I face problems every time I want to change the movie on YouTube from the one that I had in playback while connecting. Any change of the movie (changing to next from the playlist or selecting any random) and it starts for a second and then stops transmitting sound signal to the car (on the car deck it is shown as the movie stopped). On the screen the video is playing but sound is muted. Pressing play from car level does not do anything.
2 things solving the issue (for one movie only) is removing YT completely from the RAM and starting it again. The other option is to put YT in PIP mode and selecting the Headphone button in it (therefore I guess connecting to BT receiver again) and going back to app and pressing play from phone level.
Both options heavily inconvenient.

Did you ever experience that? Do you have any proposed solutions?
The YouTube app I removed from the list with battery optimization already and it did not help

Hi @lajusukses1
Can you please let us know the following info:
Please confirm your current firmware version
Do other devices connected through Bluetooth work fine or does this only happen in the car and on YouTube?
Is there any error message that pops on when you encounter this problem? If yes, please show me a screenshot.
Thank you!

Rising Star II
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