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Android Pie bug report

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Model: ZS620KL
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: Permanent
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by Jorge on 2019/2/4 17:15 Since my Zenfone 5Z has updated the software to Android Pie, there have been some issues in its behavior: 1) In the 'Recent Apps', when changing to another app, I can only tap the app that I want when the scrolling has stopped and it's centered, it didn't happen when it was vertically stacked and I could choose the app when it was scrolling. It's annoying to lose 1-2 seconds more each time to change apps, as I use many apps simultaneously. 2) When pressing the volume button when unlocked, the sound doesn't immediately change volume (it only shows the volume bar), I have to press it again to change. It didn't happen in Android 8. 3) When using spotify and youtube for example, when going forward or changing tracks, I can hear a break in the sound right in the first second. It doesn't happen on other devices or in the previous Android 8. 4) The remote control of my headphones doesn't respond well when playing music, when pausing with the play/pause button, and pressing again, the song starts and suddenly stops. I have to manually tap in the screen to resume. And there were sometimes that it only played in the right ear after pausing. It doesn't happen on other devices. 5) (Not a bug, but a suggestion) It would be nice to have a dark theme UI of the system (settings menu, etc.), like other Android Pie's have. 6) I have deactivated the pop-up bubble notifications (heads) of Facebook Messenger but I can't seem to receive notifications in the notifications bar, like other apps do. Thank you and hope you find a fix soon to these bugs.

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Last edited by Emilee_ASUS on 2019/2/11 23:28 Hi Jorge, Good day. 1) I've consulted our tech team about this matter. 2) It's considered as a normal condition, if you would like to suggest this as an improvement to our RD team please feel free to post your needs in the "Idea for next" section, at the following: Posts in that section will be highly considered by our team 3) Could you show me a short video about this matter? Do you mean the sound stop 1 second then keep playing? Does this problem only happen with the music player that needs via the internet? Does this matter appear if you use Google play music? 4) Do you use wire or wireless headset? Does this problem appear if you use another heatset? Please also tell me which music player do you use. 5) Thanks for your suggestion. Please also feel free to post your needs in the "Idea for next" section, at the following: Posts in that section will be highly considered by our team 6) Which option did you turn off in messenger settings? Please turn on the toggle of "On" and turn off the notification previews option. Also go settings> apps & notifications>messenger > app info> notifications> please turn on all options. It will show the notifition on the notification bar. Thank you.

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Hello Jorge, Good day. 1.) We've fixed this issue in the latest firmware WW- Please kindly help me update it for a check. (settings> system> system update) Thank you.