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Pattern unlocker issue

Sometimes I experience that I cannot unlock the phone (using pattern unlock) with one hand. I press the power button, than it says swipe upwards to bring up the pattern unlocker. This is where sometimes the phone does not follows my finger command. U...

Language swap is inconvenient

I found that there is space for adding new language to my phone.However,i could not change the language by just clicking the languag,but only allowed to delete all the language i dont want to. Is it why I dont familiar with the method of using this f...

Fingerprint reader thread [Mod adjusted thread title]

Hello,Overall very happy with my ZenFone 8, but I'm running into an issue where the fingerprint reader has basically not worked properly since coming out of the box, usually telling me the sensor is "dirty" and needs to be cleaned.I managed to get it...

n3b by Star II
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Resolved! signal gets killed in the background

It appears that the background apps manager is not aware that signal is a messaging app and kills it in the background. As a results, no notifications are shown and are only displayed when one opens the app. While excessive killing of background apps...

Power Menu in zenfone 8?

Looked everywhere but i cant find the Power Menu settings to add Google pay die example

Pukasus by Star II
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Video color space + photo burst

I'm very disappointed with the video recording. I tried recording 4K/30 fps video standard and HDR. When I analyzed the videos, I found that they have the same parameters:Color primaries: ITU-R BT.601 (625 lines, 50 Hz)Color transfer function: ITU-R ...

Resolved! Scheduled power saving never ends

There appears to be a problem with scheduled power saving. I have my phone set to go to ultra-durable between 0:00 and 7:00. While it enters the power saving mode as expected, it does not exit it. I am on firmware RKQ1.201022. With th...

Pocket ghost touches

I'm getting horrible amount of ghost touches while I have my phone in the pocket. Glove mode is off and pocket mode is on. But the sensitivity of proximity sensor is very poor. It detects objects only a few millimeters away from screen. Is there some...

vavriska by Star III
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