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[Solved] Netflix HDR framerate issue

When I watch HDR content on Netflix (e.g.: F1 drive to survive S03), after a while (less than a minute) the framerate drops down to an unacceptable level of ~3 frame per sec. If I swipe down from the upper part of the screen (notification bar appears...

No missed calls notifiacation!!!!

please fix it asap! I dont receive any missed calls notification. The missed call doesnt even appear in the missed calls log.. Default dialer or google dialer - always the same problem! Restart didnt help. Thank you!

Remove black bar when using Gesture

So when you use gesture based navigation you have a white bar on the bottom of the screen along with a black bar.Is it possible to only have the white bar so apps will go to the bottom of the screen instead of being cut off by a black bar

Pukasus by Star II
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Some notifications are delayed until the screen is on

Some apps' notification are not received when my screen is off. Once I wake up my phone, the messages are then received and shown. It works ok though for apps like WhatsApp, Message, Email.I've checked all the battery optimization settings for those...

frantsy by Star III
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Face ID and fingerprint on at the same time

If I turn on both, after it recognized my face , it ask me to use my fingerprint as well. Another problem is, when I only use the FACE ID,sometimes the screen turned black after that.i have to push my power button again to login.also,when the screen ...

Pattern unlocker issue

Sometimes I experience that I cannot unlock the phone (using pattern unlock) with one hand. I press the power button, than it says swipe upwards to bring up the pattern unlocker. This is where sometimes the phone does not follows my finger command. U...

Language swap is inconvenient

I found that there is space for adding new language to my phone.However,i could not change the language by just clicking the languag,but only allowed to delete all the language i dont want to. Is it why I dont familiar with the method of using this f...