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Little help needed: Whatsapp Backup restore problem

Hello fellow Zenfone 8 owners. I am trying to restore whatsapp with a local backupfile:(msgstore.db.crypt14 and msgstore-2021-05-23.db.crypt14)I have placed them on the Zenfone internal storage folder: internalstorage/Whatsapp/Databases. But Whatsapp...

bert48 by Star II
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Hi everyone!Anyone has a problem with Dual Sim Call Forwarding (Mutual transferring)?I have 2 SIM CARDS and I can't use both of them in the same time, after turning on the trigger is appearing an information "Update failed." ...Anyone know how to fix...


Signal Drops on 3,5G

Hi. i am new here. Im very satisfied with zenfone 8. But, when i turn on mobile data and phone is on national roaming(orange sk,3,5G-H+), after 1 minute network connection fails and signal drops. this is repeating. When i on home network 4KA SK(4G),...


[Solved] ARCore support for ZenFone 8

I got my ZenFone 8 a few days ago and I just tried to install the Google Play Services for AR in order to test an ARCore app I'm currently working on. But unfortunately, on the Play Store it says it is "no longer compatible" with the phone. Do you kn...

Alternative launcher issue

After moving up from bottom when using alternative launcher (Microsoft launcher or nova launcher) for about 1 sec. screen not react and I Can't do anything. Then Asus launcher flashes under my new launcher like on the screen. It's disturbing. Can it ...


Asus Zenfone 8 is great, but there are some problems

Hi everyone!I'm in love with Zenfone 8. It's one of the best flagships I've ever owned - super comfortable and ultra fast with great screen, really good cameras and amazingly functional, yet clean OS. But there are some problems that I hope will be a...

Apps change color/get a green tint when closing them

When I close apps by swiping up, they change color a little bit. It's really noticable with dark grey colors in apps. A good app to test this on is reddit in night mode, the dark grey becomes a bit lighter with a slight green tint.The main problem is...

Gboard settings keep getting reset after some time

Hi, after a few hours my Gboard settings are reset to the defaults. I have no idea what's causing this. Since I didn't find any others online with that problem, I thought it has to be unique to the zenfone.Any idea what could cause this? It's really ...

Zinurist by Star II
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Youtube stops sending data over BT once changing movie

I have weird problem I have never faced in any of phones I owned before.Once connected to my car (VW group from 2015) over Bluetooth I face problems every time I want to change the movie on YouTube from the one that I had in playback while connecting...

Inputs on DC Dimming

HiWant to get this phone and would love to get input from someone who's already got it about DC Dimming feature.Can you use it with 120hz? How's the color accuracy when it's enabled and does it cause any noticeable issues?Thank you all

ipui by Star I
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