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Terrible battery life

Hello, firstly I'm very happy with the new ZenFone 8 in general except for 2 major issues. First is that there's no WiFi calling, this I've mentioned on another post, please sort this asap for UK EE. The second however is that from 90% to 5% battery ...

face unlock

I know that face unlock isn't considered as a safe security feature to rely on in compare to a fingerprint sensor. But I am wondering how the phone can detect my face covered in face mask ( and I have a large one!) and unlock the phone? Is this norma...

Issues with video effects in Google Duo / Zenfone 8

Does anyone else have issues with the video effects/filters in Google Duo?Latest version of Zenfone 8 software, latest Google Duo version: Most of the video filters (bunny ears etc) are broken, effects show up partially or just flickering.Works well ...

feggert by Star I
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Dark mode in certain apps not really dark

i enabled dark mode with 90hz refresh rate, Splendid Natural setting. the dark area in certain apps (gboard keyboard, WhatsApp, chrome etc) appeared as dark blue. and the brightness at that area kinda high and makes it kinda grey-ish. it also effect ...

Bug when you switch from 60 or 120 top 90 hz in a dark mode,

I have noticed that when you switch from to 90 from 120 or 60, and you are in a dark zone, the grey change. I have spoken with six people with Zenfone 8 and they confirmed this bug. I put this picture in order to try this bug. It Is important low lig...


Lack of cases for Zenfone 8

Zenfone 8 has attracted limited amount of case suppliers, almost none out there.Anyone found an aramid case or thin cases?

DocR by Star II
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Possibility of disabling bluetooth earphones battery notification

Hello. I remember to have read somebody talking about this, but I'm not sure if it was in Zentalk, so I'm opening a new discussion.It's a little thing, but the silent permanent notification when you have bluetooth earpods connected is annoying. It'd ...

Molitro by Star III
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