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Resolved! Disable lift to show fingerprint sensor

I've disabled 'lift to check phone' and 'Always-on Panel' and still I see the the white fingerprint indicator whenever I move my phone around. Is there an option to disable this? It causes my phone to activate in my pocket even when pocket-mode is on...

Sierd by Star II
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suggestion/request for improvement of the camera application

Can you please implement the following features in the camera application? possibility to select the function of holding down the shutter button - video/sequential shootingtake a photo by long-pressing the power button from lock screenFix saving phot...

Unintuitive display of opened folders on home screen

Just a minor niggle, but:When I create a new folder and set the diaplay style to grid 3x3, I would expect the icons to show up in the same grid when I open the folder.But they show up in rows containing 4 icons, so the position of the app icons is di...

Problem with audio creator and dedicated amplifier

Hello, I have found small issue. When I plug 3,5mm jack from dedicated amplifier the audio creator witch graphical corrector, bass, treble etc. doesn't work. It only work when i plug typical earphones or headphones. You can see this on movie below - ...

Cyslawo by Rising Star II
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Battery capacity

Hi, Did anyone check the battery capacity of his ZenFone 8? My is barely 3600mah and I wonder if something is wrong with my battery or the capacity is smaller then Asus assured.

Zenfone 8 build defect

Has anyone had the same crack in their 8s body coming from the camera? I haven't ever dropped my Zenfone and I don't remember it being there when the phone arrived. Is it possible it just popped up out of nowhere?

ZenFone 8 display yellow tint

Hi, in my model colors of the display especially white are slightly yellow tint. I have reading mode turned off, and splendid is set to cool, but it is still visible. I tried different settings, but nothing changes. Has anyone observed a similar thin...

Grzemar by Rising Star I
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[Solved] Netflix HDR framerate issue

When I watch HDR content on Netflix (e.g.: F1 drive to survive S03), after a while (less than a minute) the framerate drops down to an unacceptable level of ~3 frame per sec. If I swipe down from the upper part of the screen (notification bar appears...

No missed calls notifiacation!!!!

please fix it asap! I dont receive any missed calls notification. The missed call doesnt even appear in the missed calls log.. Default dialer or google dialer - always the same problem! Restart didnt help. Thank you!