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App Notification Sound Missing

Star I
After switching to this phone I noticed that all of my notification sounds were the same. When I went to switch it for each app like it should be the option isn't even listed in the settings. Is this a result of some power saving setting or why would I not be able to have different notification sounds for each app?

I tried installing android 12 to see if that fixed it. It still didn't work and I didn't like the UI as much and went back to 11.

Star I
Figured out the issues. I was expecting a global notification sound under the app settings. Instead it has a specific option for each type of notification that app can provide and I have to change the sound for each one.
I also had other apps that usually have their own sounds that defaulted to system sounds instead of the normal ones from the app. I've got things back how they should be now.

Zen Master I
Hi @ThreEve
Great to hear that is now working fine!
I will close this thread since the issue is solved.