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Good time to buy zenfone 8 flip now? or wait for zenfone 9?

Star I

The zenfone 8 flip can be bought here in my country in around $670 USD. Should I wait for the zenfone 9 flip , or buy the 8 flip now?


Star III

I can't recommend Zenfone 8 at this point. Asus has removed all updates from support page and you just have to hope that you get those at some point thru phone updater.

So if you buy 8 Flip, you might be stuck with older version of android.

But if you don't care about those updates i guess it is as good time as ever. Hardware is still good and fast. Reception is really good and i love that you can force 4g network only (there isn't 5g where i live and 3g is slow as hell). Flip mechanism is still awesome and really usefull.

Is there even Zenfone 9 Flip version? I thought there is only the smaller Zenfone 9.