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[Bug] Unable to toggle between Ringing, Vibrate and Mute from Notifications

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So I have observed that I'm unable to toggle between the three modes sometimes from the notification panel. It does not happen everytime but its been happening frequently since the 191 update.
Its an ongoing bug since I purchased this device and I thought that future updates will fix this but it didn't happen.
@Anders_ASUS Need some help here.

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Please note that "Mute mode" is not possible if Do Not Disturb is enable at the same time !

Pretty logic because DND disables sounds of notifications and ringtone !

They both disable sounds but one will do it globally while the other can be customised ( Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb ).

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I think i meant mute when I wrote DND... My bad?
I've also edited the subject...

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@VS-KR It changes its state from notification but you have to pull it down again. Like the toggle works 2 out of 3 times correctly and for the rest of the time you have to close the notification and then pull it down to make it work again.

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Some users have reported that the quick menu buttons doesn't always function even if they change color when you click them right after unlocking your phone. I haven't been able to duplicate this issue myself but maybe this is what you're experiencing?

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Yes I think that's the issue... But can you please let me know if its gonna be fixed in the next update