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High disturbance during Video

Star I
There is a very loud disturbance during video recording and video calling. I got the previous phone exchanged for dead pixels issue, but observed the same issue in both the phones. Maybe it's a software glitch. It becomes impossible for the other person to hear what we're saying during a video call. Issue remains with the microphones as well.
Sample video attached. There is minimum sound in the background and the came is pretty still as well.

@Titan_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @DS_Asus @LP_ASUS please check.


Hall of Fame III
I'm sorry but your video won't prove anything if you're not talking. I'm just hearing all the background noise from your environment.
If I make a video in my home, then I will clearly hear the refrigerator 5 meters from where I record but once I start talking, my voice is clear and easy to hear.
The microphones will pick up your surrounding noise differently compared to your ears. Human hearing is very good at filtering out different background noise and you can do this with a microphone too but during video recording and video calls, it's set to pickup sounds coming from everywhere. It's by design.