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Camera not working after phone fell

Hi, my phone fell from my desk on its back and after that my camera isn't flipping completely nor is it fitting in its cavity. It just keep hanging. What should I do? Also why did this happen, I wasn't using the camera the phone was on the back when ...

Want to buy Zenfone 6 but worried about motherboard issue.

I'd really like to get this phone, but I'm concerned about the motherboard issue. I live in Japan but would be buying the North American version of the phone because I travel between the two countries occasionally and that's the version that has the ...

Camera doesnt flip at once

Camera isnt flipping at once shows error but flips after 2-3tries , not even able to calibrate sensors shows error and fails

AOD feature request

Hi, I love this phone and I haven't had any issues with it after owning for over 2 months, and I do like ZenUi 6 a lot. But what I would like to be added to ZenUi 6 is an Always On Display mode when the screen is off. I know it's not an OLED and ther...

Some apps not working

Hello moderators, Want to bring to your attention that some apps like emirates airline apps aren't working after 191 update. I am unable to cross the opening screen. All permissions are on as well. I checked that first. Is it the new update or you t...