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[Asus 6z] Lock Button doesn't work sometimes.

I don't know if this is an hardware or software issue, I just got this phone yesterday but I noticed , screen won't turn off by just pressing the lock button. It works both ways, I can't unlock it by just pressing it. I have to do touch lock. What is...

General Feedback thread

I'm surprised this kind of thing doesn't already exist. Here are some general things I think would improve ZenUI 6:Holding the power button to initiate shutdown menu takes way too longPowerMaster has 'detect battery draining apps' which Pie already h...

Supra by Rising Star I
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[Clarified] LED notification is not working!

I had the normal zenphone 6 short time ago and gave it back because the LED notification with my messenger was working only after a factory reset with a fresh installed telegram messenger app.It stops working immediatly completly when I install whats...

android 10

When do you think we will get ANDROID 10, I think it will be less than in January?

kalmah by Rising Star I
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Camera not paning

When in the camera app I can pan the camera up to selfie mode in one sweep. But when I'm paning it back again the camera pans back and then stops and when you press it again it pans back a bit more and then stops again. So on and so forth until it co...

daithiq by Star I
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Zenfone 6 vibrates constantly without any notifications.

Since a couple of days ago my phone has started to constantly and irregularly vibrate as if I got a notification. This starts to happen as soon as I unlock the phone and goes on until I lock it again. Aprox 5-40 vibrations a minute. It is very annoyi...

Screen twitching and volume getting low automatically

Whenever I am using the headphones the screen is twitching and pressing open random apps. Also the volume is automatically getting low. Been literally 3 days since I bought the phone.PS I am using a third party music app

post got deleted

@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @kikoly I started one post for posting good thing about z6...i dont know how come it got deleted...it had long message...can please restore it again?


My speaker is not working after update my Phone