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Make the front cam ring blink when I have notifications

Star I

I recently switched from my Samsung Galaxy S9 to a Zenfone 9, and I'm having a great time with one. One thing I'm missing though, is a little light that blinks, indicating that I have notifications when my screen is turned off. I have the "Standby Screen on New Notifications" setting turned on, but I usually miss the screen turning on, as I'm either looking away for the few seconds it's turned on, or the screen just isn't bright enough. My suggestion is to have a setting, that makes it so that the little silver ring around the front-facing camera blinks once or twice every 5th second or so, when I've got notifications waiting for me.


Rising Star I

THIS! This is something that would be REALLY nice to have on the phone. 

Also, while they are at it PLEASE move the annoying green dot that appears whenever something uses the camera to the punchole. Would look so much better with a green ring around the selfie camera compared to the little **bleep**e dot in the right corner.


Hey @Tor,

Thank you for your feedback. We've forwarded it to the relevant team.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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