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Pets Being Weird

This month we are hosting a photo thread for everyone to post a picture of your pets, ‘Pets being Weird.’ Share your adorable and funny pet photos in this thread! Whether you have a cuddly cat, a playful dog, a feathery bird, or any other delightful ...

Zenfone 9 default always-on panel style cuts date

Model Name: Zenfone 9Firmware Version: WW_32.2004.2004.74Rooted or not: Not rooted.Frequency of Occurrence: This occours when UI size is set to bigger or the biggest.I'm using default always-on panel style and when I tried to increase size of the UI ...

Camil by Star II
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Resolved! how to enable VoLTE?

Is the zenfone 9 VoLTE enabled by default? Where can I find the settings? Having trouble receiving calls inside building where my previous phone Black Shark 3 have no problems using VoLTE.

Back worn out after not even 2 weeks

The back of my Zenfone 9 (Midnight black) is already worn after 12 days. I do not mean the texture, but the lettering. Only "ASUS Zenfone" can still be recognized to some extent. The text under the camera is completely gone.Of course, this does not c...

clavo by Star III
  • 8 replies
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USB tethering turns the phone off

Hello, if I try to share internet connection through USB tethering, the phone turns off. Does this happen to anyone else? I have tried to share to two different devices, same thing.

quick settings on locked screen

Hello,I couldn't find it in the settings, so I'm asking.Is it possible somewhere in the settings to disable the quick settings list when the screen is locked?I don't want it to be possible to turn off gps, wifi, etc. when the device is locked.

efko by Star III
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Multitask feature - Rounded Corners

Hey everyone!So I received my Zenfone 9 yesterday and couldnt be happier about my first day with the phone itself. I just have a question regarding the look of the multitask feature (using 2 apps at once).As I use this feature quite regularly, I like...


Phone unlocks in pocket

Hello, I'm having a weird problem with my new Zenfone 9. It often unlocks in my pocket even I definitely locked it before I put it in my pocket. I'm aware it can happen very fast when I touch the fingerprint sensor while putting it into my pocket. Th...

buzzd by Star II
  • 33 replies
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Android 13

Is it mandatory to install Android 13 to have updates later?If I decide to stay with Android 12, will I still get updates?

Gabrieltg by Rising Star I
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when I listen to music via Bluetooth and receive a call, my speakers scratch unbearably!

Boz33 by Star II
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