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The Quick Settings looking very dark, It doesn't look premium

After Android 10 update, the quick settings color option is not looking good in the dark mode. It is very annoying color combination and it is looking too tight. Atleast do something to make the icons looks premium. The colors are so dark and tight. ...

Alaudeen by Rising Star I
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Clock is showing wrong time

Clock in home page shows wrong time... It shows time 2 times, one is right and one is wrong. I have attached pic of same.. And ya its not alarm setting because all alarm are off in my phone. Screenshot_20191130-090430094_1.jpg


After last update the unlock metod not working

When try go set the unlock with face or fingerprint i recive one messagge error i can't change the unlock method, the messagge is "the unlock method is really change. I can use the new unlock metod" bug when i check i the save not change a d i can't ...

Service center

So my zf 6 died... Wont turn on wont do anything...Amazon seller is an ass an im out $600..... I was told asus does some kind of pick up here in US to take to china or taiwan or wherever to get it fixed is this true? An what is the cost? Frikin...

mastershu by Rising Star I
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Earpiece audio horrible after Android 10 update.

Received the Android 10 update 11-28-19 now Having this issue where incoming calls cannot hear me. I always have to call back, but additionally all call audio is routed to loud speaker. If I restart the phone one call will work properly and send audi...

waxx1ne by Star II
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Do somebody like Android 10?

I would like to ask a question. Is there anyone who feels or notice that Zenfone 6 got better after the update to Android 10?I mean somethig really noticable. Faster UI etc.Like really, someone who can say "Android 10 is awesome because ecerything is...