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Asus 6z accidental damage- Jeeves complete mobile protection

Hi all,
I have an Asus 6z and it fell down and the rear camera glass is broken.
I have tried to claim the Jeeves complete mobile protection plan which covers one accidental damage.
I have payed the processing fee of 1500 on 8th October it's been almost 2 months and they have not picked the devise,Any suggestions on how to proceed further?

Community Legend II
2 months sound like a very long time.. you may PM me your serial number, and I will try to pass to our India team.

I believe this is a service offered by Flipkart?
First recommendation would be to contact Flipkart and query about the status - we do not have access to their systems.

Additionally, you may try to contact our India support ; 1800-2090365 for inquiry as well, they may perhaps be able to answer where in the chain your device is in - and in case there has been a gap somewhere between Flipkart and our service teams.

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15 minutes after I finally got my new Zenfone 6 it fell, shattered on the upper rhs corner. (Sadly,I think the cover provided with the phone is the culprit. It is made of hard plastic rather than silicone so it does not absorb the fall, it intensified it if the phone lens on the corner, and that is why it cracked!)
But what I'm writing for is, I'm trying to buy a new glass cover, could be I also need the digitizer (assuming it's separate) there are several places mostly out of China, who claim to sell Zenfone 6 replacement glasd, but it does not look like a match to the phone, and cold also be that it's junk! So I'm looking for a reliable source for original Zenfone 6 parts...