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Intel Evo Laptops : What you need to know ?

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Intel Evo laptops are the new standard for mobile performance, bringing technology to a laptop that's designed to help you focus on what matters most. The best thing about Intel Evo Laptops is that they are packed with all the power and features you need in a laptop. They have a sleek design, comfortable track-pad and keyboard, high-res display, advanced audio and the best overall performance you can find in this kind of high-end model. Now we bring you the all details about Intel Evo Laptop including specs and prices.

Intel is one of the most reputed brands in the world, and they have made their name by manufacturing high-end processors and laptops. If anyone is looking for a good-quality laptop, then this one from Intel Evo Laptops will be a great deal for them. The laptop comes with very good features that make it stand out against its competitors. To start with, it has a large screen which adds a lot of space for games as well as movies watching. Additionally, it also comes with a big battery that can last for even 8 hours of continuous usage without any problem.

What's new with Intel Evo's Third Edition?

 Intel Evo’s third edition is built with the same innovative engineering and industry-leading design as before to deliver the ultimate performance experience. It brings you more horsepower, unmatched power-efficiency, and uncompromised speed, security and reliability than ever before. Intel Evo is a line of performance laptops that are designed to power through day-to-day tasks and keep on going. It uses Intel's 2nd gen Crystalwell processor, 7th generation HD graphics and 6th gen wireless technology for amazing battery life, responsive multi-tasking, and smooth graphics rendering. The laptop sports a 9H backlit Full HD touch display with Anti-Glare technology, complete protection with MILSTD 810G military durability test and Windows 10 Pro Edition.



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