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After upgrading to Android 10, "Tap to Translate" in "Google Translate" doesn't work anymore

Star III
System automatically poped-up an update to upgrade to Android 10 in 11/29, but after upgrading, I found the "Tap To Translate" function in Google Translate, which can translate text by copying them to clipboard, doesn't work anymore. (Google Translate ->settings ->Tap to Translate ->Enable )

What is worse is I found it seems all the functions related to clipboard monitoring are broken. Such as a popular dictionary app "ColorDict" also encountered such issue (ColorDict -> Settings -> Auto fill Clipboard text.)

Such functions are worked when in Android 9.
I'm always using this function for work so please fix this as soon as possible. Thanks.

Zen Master III
Google Translate works for me in Nova and Asus launcher with the latest update WW_17.1810.1910.73.

Rising Star II
everything works for me

Rising Star II
now I'm using a translator ?

Community Legend II
Google Translate "Tap to Translate" function works here.
But it could be that the settings faced some issues in the carry-over.

You could try to clear all app-data for Google Translate and then re-install/enable it.

When Tap-to-Translate is active in the background, there will be a silent notification (no icon but you can see it when you slide the panel down).

You can also show or hide the floating icon.