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Final Resort after suffering harassment

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Hey there.
I was one of the unfortunate users that got a malfunctioned phone. Since I was rooting for the phone and waiting impatiently, I ordered it immediately on the minute of launch, Something I highly regret doing.

I ordered the phone on 1st of July and recieved it on 6th of July. The phone ran great before 22nd of July when an update was pushed that made the phone crash. The mistake on the company's part was revealed after the refund period was over. I was stuck with a damaged phone for the next years to come. I did make aggressive complaints on the forum but eventually found my peace with the matter and finally made a claim for repair from flipkart complete mobile protection plan on 16th of august. Consequently the phone was picked up from my residence on 19th of August and sent to F1 Info Solutions, Sector 63, Noida. For more than 10 days I repeatedly checked but didn't get any updates on what's being done to my phone. Finally I was told that the process is taking time due to part unavailability issues. Seeing that I was pressurising the service centre, they showed their engraved incompetence and sent me a mail on September 9th that the phone has been repaired after doing nothing else apart from updating the software. The point to be noted here is that I was told that there are part unavailability issues on September 7th.
The phone was delivered on 10th of september, without a jobsheet or RMA number. On switching the phone on, The phone couldn't even handle a single text message notification and crashed right after seconds of starting for the first time after repair. The phone was found in worse than original condition. Two days ago, the phone just bricked out and has finally woken today, after 2 days of causing me not just practical but emotional harassment for not being able to contact family.

From August 19th to september 9th, the phone was at a brand authorised service centre. Maitrox have the case in their records.
After all of this inconvenience, I still patiently wrote to Asus, informing them of my future action plan if I'm not helped. A person named Manish Kumar from Maitrox said he would be contacting me on Tuesday. But since then I haven't been contacted in any way. Even after sending him a reply again, I haven't been contacted.

My threshold of patience has been well crossed. And therefore this is my action plan for the future.

I have collected screenshots of emails exchanged with Asus and Maitrox. I have also collected the invoice copy of the phone and Jobsheet from the service centre. I will be consulting my lawyer from the family business about what other evidence I need to collect. By Monday I will have a legal notice drafted for a full refund of the phone + Damages due to inconvenience, which shall be emailed and posted to Asus and Maitrox and will be sent personally to the people tagged here. You will all recieve a copy of the legal notice by Wednesday.

I have rooted for the phone to be repaired even after being entitled to refund, But my patience is over now.

Guntas Singh

(This message has been sent personally to all the mentioned moderators)

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The response back at ASUS headquarters to this: "Did you say something?"

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Ask @girishsonu2000 he also got his motherboard changed and his phone is working as good as new
He too had to wait a while after sending his phone to flipkart protect and should have directly gone to a service centre I believe (cos fk protect is a third party repair site which most of the times would lack parts to repair a complex phone such as the Zenfone 6)
Firstly you shouldn't have sent your phone to flipkart protect
And btw if all they did was a software reset go and try explaining them again that it's a motherboard issue
Service centre guys are script readers you'll have to argue sometimes to get something done
Also legal action won't help you it'll only increase the costs that you have endured(Asus did what they could have by announcing the Mobo replacment program and the now the implementation rests on the Asus India service centres some are decent some are a pain in the ***)that's the case with every oem
If nothing works tag Asus on different social medias about your experience you'll soon get a reply
I too know some peeps who got their mobo changed most got it back within 10-12days and their phone was running fine,seems a one time thing to me what you suffered

Rising Star II

Ask @girishsonu2000 he got his motherboard changed

He too had to wait a while after sending his phone to flipkart protect I believe

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Bro, I joined Med school on 9th September. I can't roam around places anymore. I have bought a backup phone, dad will be drafting a notice, the lawyers will handle it. All the Fs that I had have run out now

Zen Master I

Bro, I joined Med school on 9th September. I can't roam around places anymore. I have bought a backup phone, dad will be drafting a notice, the lawyers will handle it. All the Fs that I had have run out now

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Except he's right. I don't have any issue with my phone but you've sent your phone to Flipkart insurance, not to Asus' Official warranty service. In such case you should sue Flipkart as they've failed to fix it. There are many people who made the same mistake and tried to fix it through seller, not manufacturer.