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Trebel broken on Asus 6z

@andersallinge @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS why is trebel broken on asus 6z. What is going on with this device can you explain.

Strange Behavior Zenfone 6 6/128 Gb

I recently got my Asus Zenfone 6, so they first thing I did was to search for an update (as usual), so the update for Android 9 with security patch from September 1st 2019 began and everything was "Normal" after that update. But I got a few random re...

Resolved! Screen shot teal??

Since my Android 10 update all of my screenshots just appear to be a teal color screen. Is this happening to anybody else?

Zenfone 6 on AT&T in US - Anyone getting LTE?

I have recently started using the Zenfone 6 (Version C). I purchased it as it was advertised as a working US model and I read that it would be fully compatible with AT&T on LTE. I really like this phone but I am experiencing few problems. I do not se...

Can't update to Android Q

Hello All!My ZenFone 6 won't update to Android Q, and I can't figure it out why.I have the firmware PPR2.181005.003.WW_Phone-16.1220.1908.191-0 on my phone, and tried so many times to search for an update, but it never finds any... On the support sit...

Zenfone getting hot even not in use after last update

After last night update , it seems if i put my phone inside my bag even without any processes going , its just keep getting warm or hot to touchThat not normal. Anyone experience the same thing?

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