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Earpiece audio horrible after Android 10 update.

Received the Android 10 update 11-28-19 now Having this issue where incoming calls cannot hear me. I always have to call back, but additionally all call audio is routed to loud speaker. If I restart the phone one call will work properly and send audi...

waxx1ne by Star II
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Do somebody like Android 10?

I would like to ask a question. Is there anyone who feels or notice that Zenfone 6 got better after the update to Android 10?I mean somethig really noticable. Faster UI etc.Like really, someone who can say "Android 10 is awesome because ecerything is...

Weird noise everytime after disconnecting the voice call

Almost after disconnecting every either voice call or whatsapp call, there is a weird sound from ear piece speaker just for 2 seconds. Whether it is on speaker phone or ear phone.Is it a hardware problem or software glitch???

Compass issue with the Google maps and other maps apps - Android 10

Hello!I have just faced with an issue with the compass. Most of the time (>70% of cases) when I open the Google maps (or any other maps app) it shows the wrong direction. E.x. I am walking north and the app shows that I am faced south as if I was wal...

CbIP by Star III
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Home screen functioning issue

@CH_ASUS I'm unable to long press on my home screen and it's not at all responsive , and even I'm unable to long press on app and it's not at all responsive. This is happening to me after i did a restart, and even i did a factory reset as @Anders s...

Revanth by Rising Star I
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Resolved! Widget Settings / Notification log

How to View Your Notification History on AndroidTo see your notification history, just tap on the newly-created widget. You will see every notification you’ve received, along with a timestamp.To expand the information, tap on an individual notificati...

_jis_ by Zen Master III
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Privacy Settings

This is a new item in the Settings in Android 10, but it has one defect, some of its items are hidden behind Advanced button, just as Google does on vanilla Android, while Asus has already eliminated this stupid way of hiding some items in Pie in all...

_jis_ by Zen Master III
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Regarding android 10 update for zenfone 5Z

No manual link is found on official asus website Nor manual check for system update is showing anything to update still in search of android 10 full firmware link or else OTA asus india announced on their facebook page regarding update that now 5Z is...

AmitGarde by Community Legend II
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ASUS Global vs Country web pages

Why are countries website not up to date as a global site?Global web page:ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) BIOS & FIRMWARE | Phone | ASUS GlobalThe latest firmware is Version WW-17.1810.1910.73.For example Germany and Czech Republic web pages:ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL)...

_jis_ by Zen Master III
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