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soooo let me get this right..... donald trump gets impeached an a camera update goes to zf 6 in the same week as christmas? holy crap!! impeachments worthy updates an a holiday all at once.... this is insane!!
been a while after having A10 update on my 5z.... today it says '' turn off airplane mode'' everytime i try to make a call or text... an no data is available.... i take sim out an put back in it says no sim is there... swipe down it says no servic...
All i know is my camera has suffered greatly from android 10...theres a huuge difference in pics taken now compared to pics taken b4 an after 9... Handheld an tripod..... But im hearing( technically seeing) that im a liar an there is no differenc...
So my zf 6 died... Wont turn on wont do anything...Amazon seller is an ass an im out $600..... I was told asus does some kind of pick up here in US to take to china or taiwan or wherever to get it fixed is this true? An what is the cost? Frikin...
i keep hearing about a camera update... is this true? an when will this happen? pics are what it can do with patience in ''new'' nightmode.... its either too fast or not slow enough sometimes right now.... but i managed to get these with it P_201...
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