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Android 11 Update bug report

Zen Master I
Hello everyone I have installed this update and while the build seems solid, there are some minor issues:
1. Clicking/swiping down to show the notification tray from top left side of the screen enters manage notifications manu instead of showing them. Probably a hidden button.
2. DSU Loader from developer settings seems gone.
3. There are untranslated strings in Polish language. Quick example is copy&paste menu. They're still in English.
4. Is there a way to disable this paralax effect on home screen? I quite dislike it.
5. The keyboard sometimes overlays conversations bubbles.
6. Dismissable notifiactions are not automatically dismissed when i've clicked on them. I still have to do that manually.
I've had a clean install.

Hall of Fame III

Hello Asus,

i have following bug: No IPv6 connection via mobile data.

After A11 update the APN settings "APN-protocol" and "APN-roaming-protocol" were set to IPv4 only. Changed to IPv4/IPv6 does not enable IPv6 connectivity. Set to IPV6 only, no connection to the network cell will be established.

Can you reproduce the bug and maybe solve it please?



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Please create a separate thread if you're still experiencing this issue.


Bug with Android 11?

I put phone into flightmode (the previous night supersaver profile had the same effect), both networks off overnight.

When I disabled flightmode, mobile data connects but WiFi although connected to router has "no internet" underneath it.

So I forget WiFi, re-enter the details, and reconnect, no difference.

But if I turn off both mobile and WiFi and then turn on WiFi first, it connects!

Restarting the phone also fixes it.

You're gonna tell me to reset the networks aren't you?

The last time I did that my account forgot all previously saved WiFi stations, a real pia!

I had to reset the networks as my fix above was only temporary. I lost all of my saved networks, aargh! Time will tell if it's a lasting fix.



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If this issue happens every time then please create a separate thread
I will close this thread as I don't want threads with multiple issues. They are impossible to track