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Android 11 Update bug report

Zen Master I
Hello everyone I have installed this update and while the build seems solid, there are some minor issues:
1. Clicking/swiping down to show the notification tray from top left side of the screen enters manage notifications manu instead of showing them. Probably a hidden button.
2. DSU Loader from developer settings seems gone.
3. There are untranslated strings in Polish language. Quick example is copy&paste menu. They're still in English.
4. Is there a way to disable this paralax effect on home screen? I quite dislike it.
5. The keyboard sometimes overlays conversations bubbles.
6. Dismissable notifiactions are not automatically dismissed when i've clicked on them. I still have to do that manually.
I've had a clean install.

Rising Star I
I'm experiencing similar bugs as well, some which are different from yours that I'm experiencing are:
1. The keyboard overlaps the text boxes when switching to emojis, have to use back button to fix it.
2. Some swipes on the notification drop down area opens the app where the notification is coming from, happens 1 in 10 times but is still annoying.
3. Some apps seem to function slower sometimes. Like 1 in 5 times, apps like Spotify and YouTube deliver delayed responses.

I had a clean and smooth install as well, and to address some other old issue I even performed a factory reset after installing A11, yet experiencing some issues.

Rising Star II
When playing games sometimes the screen is chop after scrolling down the notification panel and i had to restart the game to make it right.

Zen Master I
And another one: Gloves mode doesn't work. There is no touch sensitivity gain.

Rising Star II
I still have problem with cutted clock on notification panel. It's present only 2hen there is no notifications. After restart, when it's empty, it's shows "no notifications" message, but after couple hours of use, text dissappearing and clock is cutted.