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No Data on Zenfone 4 Max after factory reset

Star I
I have No Data for my carrier on my Zenfone 4 Max after factory reset. Everything was working fine before the reset. I reset it because it was getting sluggish with bloat. The APN is set up properly. The bands are fine because it worked this morning. I am around 4GB under my monthly limit. It simply won't connect to data. The test menu can identify the network, but always says disconnected. Safe mode does nothing. Model ASUS_X001D Android Version 8.1.0 Security Patch Level March 5, 2019 (I had the April patch before the reset...). No updates 😞 Kernel Version 3.18.71-perf.g01fb63b SIM STatus: Voice and Data In Service Mobile Network state: Connecting I have already searched through all posts and cannot find a similar entry... 😞 Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Could you please provide a screenshot for me to confirm?
If you reinsert the SIM card, does the situation improve?
Thank you.

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Community Manager
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