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Call recording problem

I set Google's phone app as default dialer (for spam filtering) but when I call someone, I use the stock asus phone app for call recording purpose. I've noticed call recording don't function when the asus phone app is not the default dialer, so I hav...

Gigabytes questions...

Hi all! I would like to buy my first Zenfone starting with Zenfone 10. But all reviews in Italian language that I found on the web regard the smartphone version with 16Gb and 512 GB ROM speaking about very high performances.Now, with the aim of cost ...

MOD Mansi_ASUS!!!

Hello Mr. Super Moderator ask for a correct statement when the unlock tool again functioned.... In 6 days it will be November!!

x2u by Rising Star I
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Weird display "flash" / Colour tone change

I received my ZF 10 yesterday. I noticed, that on some actions the screen kinda flashes or changes the display tone for a second (to a more cold, blue tone) and it's a bit irritating. I mostly notice it when writing a dot (.) or using the enter key, ...

mufas12 by Star I
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High battery drain while not in use - about 10% overnight

Recently I've noticed a high battery drain when I'm not using the phone, particularly overnight where it goes down around 10%. According to the stats, as much battery is consumed when my screen is off as when it's on. GSam shows no troublesome wakelo...

baghe61 by Star I
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Headset bug - no sound in calls - only speaker

Hi, Just encountered this twice this past few days. Sometimes when I place or receive a call - there is no sound coming out of the the headset speaker. I can only hear the other side via the phone speaker. Phone restart fixes the issue (but it showed...

Yos_G by Star II
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Issue with event tickets stored in Google Wallet - NFC/Tap to Enter

Has anyone stored event tickets (like for Ticketmaster concerts/sports) in their Google Wallet and tried to use the phone's NFC to validate when entering a venue and have it declined/errored forcing you to revert to scanning with the barcode instead?...

Messenger bubbles scaling

Hi, I just switched to Zenfone 10 and have spent many hours to customize it as close as possible to my old phone's settings and layouts.However, I could not figure out how to fix the messenger bubbles. I experience all the problems in this thread: ht...