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Where can I find raw (service) firmware for ZF10???

Star II

After updating to a.13 33.0220.0220.52, wi-fi and OTA updates stopped working correctly for me. Where can I find the service firmware to go back to the previous or next version? The site only has A14, which cannot be installed without the previous OTA.

@Mansi_ASUS @Admin can you help me?

Where i can find WW-33.0220.0220.101 ?


Zen Master I

Hey x2u, he need Android 13 version (.101) and as he said, the web only offers android 14, why do you put the Android 14 link?

See the installation requirements. OTA 101 is needed there. Without it, the update will not be installed.

Star I

Hi guys,

Is there a way to downgrade to A13 (.101) ? So many apps i used could not be working on A14. How to rollback to A13 ? @Mansi_ASUS @Admin can you help me, help us?