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Headset bug - no sound in calls - only speaker

Hi, Just encountered this twice this past few days. Sometimes when I place or receive a call - there is no sound coming out of the the headset speaker. I can only hear the other side via the phone speaker. Phone restart fixes the issue (but it showed...

Yos_G by Star II
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Issue with event tickets stored in Google Wallet - NFC/Tap to Enter

Has anyone stored event tickets (like for Ticketmaster concerts/sports) in their Google Wallet and tried to use the phone's NFC to validate when entering a venue and have it declined/errored forcing you to revert to scanning with the barcode instead?...

Messenger bubbles scaling

Hi, I just switched to Zenfone 10 and have spent many hours to customize it as close as possible to my old phone's settings and layouts.However, I could not figure out how to fix the messenger bubbles. I experience all the problems in this thread: ht...

Zenfone10 has Bluetooth issues

I've used my Nothing Ear(2) wireless headphones with the Pixel 7, iPhone 13 Pro, Pixel 8 Pro and Zenfone 10. I usually place my phone in my back pocket whole I listen to music. I guess nothing too unusual.Only with the Zenfone 10 does the sound break...

arochi1 by Star I
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Open Bootloader

Any news to open bootloader .......Asus developer sleeping?its like a MAFIA

x2u by Rising Star I
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Zenfone 10 can't connect to UNII-1 (channel 36-48) wifi

Hi,Zenfone 10 can't connect to UNII-1 (channel 36-48) wifi,I live in Indonesia and government allowed those channels,any fix soon asus?Pasal 7 Base Station/Access Point untuk penggunaan indoor sebagaimana dimaksud dalam Pasal 5ayat (2) huruf b dapat ...

Wireless charging Zenfone 10

Hi. I bought Zenfone 10 with inductive charging in mind, but it doesn't work properly. Asus declares 15W charging. But when I try to charge with 4 15W chargers, charging shows 2W, I also bought a Xiaomi 50W charger and charging for about 5 minutes sh...

Kiju by Star II
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Resolved! Mobile data not being used

I have recently bought Zenfone 10, and was using it fine couple of days, while I was at home with wifi. But today I've tried to use mobile data, and it doesn't work. I get the message saying that mobile data is not being used. I have tried to insert ...

Mike5 by Star I
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