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i just want to buy zenfone 10 in india. soncan you tell me from where can i purchase it 


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Not worth it. Because, right now price is Rs.71000. You can see on or

Asus will as usual release it with android 13 this summer and within 1 month update it to android 14. In early 2025, you will get android 15 update which will be last OS update on this 71k worth phone. Asus has promised 2 OS updates, which will end within 1 year of your buying.

Maybe they will reduce price to 55k but still pixel 8a which is supposed to release in may 2024 will be around 50k and have OS updates for 6.5 years (till oct 2030).

Samsung FE series in price range of 50-55k gets 4 years OS updates