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Zenfone 10 A14 Network auto disconnect Problem

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Does anyone update ZF10 to A14 and find the issue that carrier network will disconnect without reason? Thanks
During A13, I didn't encountered such issue. But after updating to A14, carrier network easily and frequently disconnects. My carrier is AT&T. Their service team said that the network is working normally and suggest that I come to ASUS for help and checking.


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I posted the same a few days ago.

If you go to Settings, Network & Internet, Internet, choose the cog next to your Sim, scroll down and turn off 5G. Does it then stay connected...?

This is obviously not really a solution, but it lets my phone work until the 5G is fixed.

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Hey! An update from my thread. See here:

But there is now an update that may fix 5G connectivity for AT&T users. Need to go to Settings, System, and get the system update. I've installed the update, and already the 5G (when enabled) is staying connected longer without issue. Going to leave 5G on for the day and see how it goes.

Try this and see if it is better too?

Hey @Jason0328,

The latest A14 FW update should resolve the issue. Please install it and let me know if the issue persists.