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Vowifi and volte no possibility to switch On.

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Hi this is a huge lag of Asus firmware.  As you forgot to add vowifi volte switch on\off menu !?!!?!?!.  As I cannot believe that smartphone in 2023-2024 don't have this function!!!!.  Samsung s23 and xiaomi 13 with the same processor have it and it works perfectly, especially vowifi ( the places where you don't have mobile cell , but can use WiFi). Please fix this problem as this is not only my problem. in internet you can see a lot of communities  where people disappointed that Zenfone 10 don't have vowifi and volte switched on


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One more thing as prove that you forget to add switch on\off in firmware.  See screenshot with  status bar icon menu, it has 2 tabs  for showing vowifi and volte status !?!!?!?!?.   



If these two options come up, don't you think that the phone is compatible and that maybe it's because of someone else's default that it doesn't work?

Update with my screenshots:





Zen Master I

A summary of the problem and what Asus could clarify:

Zenfone 9 and 10 support VoWifi and VoLTE. 

But it's your phone operator that hasn't CERTIFIED these models for these services. Samsung is the first or second best-selling phone in the world and carriers certify them. 

I've taken it upon myself to research this, discuss it with Asus directly and also via Zentalk and I've come to this conclusion. 

And besides, my Zenfone 9 wasn't certified by my carrier until a year after it was done and I no longer have to force services with codes. VoLTE always worked for me without any gimmicks. 

More information here:

And my research:

And my surprise was in August 2023 that I restarted the phone and no longer had to enter the code to force the VoWiFi menu. At that point my operator knew that he had certified my model to use this feature. In my case, VoLTE ALWAYS worked. 


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 Thank for the info. So the problem in mobile operators. I will try to reach out someone in cell operator support and will see their what they say about certification. Cheers.