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Automatic data connection switch during call

Star III

Hello everyone,

until recently I owned a Zenfone 8 which had a very useful function in the SIM settings, i.e. the possibility, for using 2 SIMs with voLTE active on both, to automatically switch the data connection from one SIM to the other during a call. Example: if I have set the data connection on SIM 1 and I call with SIM 2, this function allows to automatically switch the data connection on SIM 2 in order to continue to have the data connection during the call.

Now I have a Zenfone 10, updated to the latest firmware available (without root), and I can't find this function anymore, with the consequence, going back to the previous example, that the connection drops and I don't even have the possibility to switch manually because the appropriate toggle cannot be selected during a call.

Why was this option removed? Couldn't it be included in a future update for the Zenfone 10?

Thank you.


Star III


I think this option is available in settings - internet - SIM 2 settings - Data during calls


This function that you say partially solves the problem because it only works if the data connection has been activated before making a call. If, on the other hand, the data connection is not active and I start a call, this option does not work. Referring to the example I gave before, if I have the data connection active on SIM 1 and I call with SIM 2, with the option you suggested active, the data connection automatically switches to SIM 2, but if before making the call with SIM 2 I do not have the active data connection on SIM 1, once the call starts, even if I activate the data connection it does not automatically switch to SIM 2. I hope I explained myself well.

Normally VoLTE should allow the data connection to stay enabled during a phone call even with one sim. If you could fix that you'd achieve the same goal.