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Thoughts for a Zenfone 11

Star III

I like the Zenfone but of course there is always room for improvement. So I thought let me share my ideas with the community here. Please feel free to contribute. Here goes.

The Zenfone 11 should not have a bigger screen. Instead I would like Asus to shrink the body of the phone so it has minimal bezels on all four sides. Especially the length could be shortened with 5 mm or more as the ZF10 had a relatively large chin.

I really miss eSIM support. I have a prepaid number on an eSIM which I can't use now. Of course I knew that when I bought the phone which is why I kept postponing the purchase. I bought the phone anyway because I desperately wanted a compact high end phone and the Galaxy S23 wasn't it for me. Despite its compactness it's noticeably bigger and heavier than the Pixel 4a I used for 3 years. Unfortunately the benchmark for compact phones has shifted over the years.

There is something wrong with the alignment of the coil for wireless charging. There's a Google Pixel stand here that only charges the ZF10 when I slightly lift the phone off the rubber base. It's as if the coil is placed a little too far towards the bottom of the phone. Of course this isn't an issue with horizontal charging pads but it would be nice if Asus could look into the coil placement nonetheless.

3rd party charger support is a bit hit and miss. Charging always works but hypercharge doesn't always kick in with PPS chargers. Both a Pixel 6 and a Galaxy S23 here don't experience this so the issue seems to be with the phone and not the chargers. Those are both wall and car chargers. It's nice to be able to use hypercharge at multiple locations without having to drag a single charger around with me.

Perhaps a telephoto camera could be added but that's not a deal breaker to me.

In short:

- Thinner bezels

- eSIM support

- Better wireless charging coil alignment

- 3rd party PPS charger support

- Telephoto camera


Star III

shorter height:
20:9 ratio is too long, for web browsing our eyes concentrate at centre but not top & bottom edges.
only the Width of ZF10 could be considered compact,
but the Height is same as standard phones thus NOT compact.

current ratio is difficult to pull down notification one handed.
its still sticking out of my pocket.
could try 19:9 or 18:9.

remove camera bump:
thickness of ZF10 should be enough to subdue camera bump.
use Panasonic/ Canon/ Samsung camera sensor, or any other company.