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Zenfone 10 thoughts

Star I

I'm getting one whenever the US version comes out. Just wanted to say how happy I am they aren't providing more than 2 years of software update. In my experience it's the software updates that break my phone. It's why I've been through 2 phones in 2 years. OnePlus Nord n10, and now on a pixel 6a. The Nord had so many issues in the end I was restarting my phone multiple times per day, and my pixel dies so quickly I end up charging it 3 times per day. Both OnePlus and Google are/were touted for their software. Each device has had more issues the more updates I've had. Give me security and then leave me alone. I don't need fancy new features on old hardware. Do a 6 month bug fix and then leave it alone if there's nothing pressing. I don't want them, I don't care the rest of the world is screaming about wanting more. Keep software updates low and give the security ones please.


Star III

i was still using android 6 before ZF10 came out 😂.

Asus can just keep the promise of bootloader unlock, so for those who wanna have newer version of android, they can just flash rom.
(personally i'm looking forward to degoogle first, and flash e OS one day)